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Lancelot’s featured Playlist (on Spotify): Playlist – Hacker Beats

For many coders, a necessarily fuel for productivity is our background music. Filled with the right combination of tracks, I’m able to zone out outside distractions and build momentum as I code. For me, what is most productive day-to-day changes significantly. Sometimes it’s classical, sometimes it’s rap, but most of the time it’s electronic. I find lyrics can be distracting at times, but for the most part I can tune it out.

Some of my favorite artists for allegro coding include:

Sorta old school artists
– Orbital
– Prodigy
– Banco De Gaia
– Timo Maas
– Hybrid
– Enigma


– Nero
– Skrillex
– Bassnectar
– Rusko

– Dieselboy
– High Contrast
– AK1200

Other goodies
– Deadmau5 (dead-mau-5?) 😉
– Calvin Harris
– Squarepusher
– Avicii
– Paul Van Dyk
– Shpongle
– Booka Shade

I recently discovered the music service Spotify and paid for the premium subscription so I could listen to all my playlists in my car and while coding. It’s the best thing since Napster. What does everyone else listen to? I’d be glad to share more artists in my playlists if anyone is interested.
I’m also curious what gets other programmers in the (M-x) code mode?
  • Nice shirt, Lancelot. Is that a smiley face?

    • Thanks! Yes, the shirt is basically a wavelength of a dubstep song. Where the beat drops is where the arrow is pointing from a smiley face. 🙂

  • BTW, here is my electronic playlist on spotify: http://open.spotify.com/user/121501283/playlist/2gbxil0zCEaYm3V3iQTX9K

  • Great list Lance, when I code (which is less and less these days) – I also enjoy electronic, house & trance, but increasingly mashups.  Check out Gregg Gillis (aka Girl Talk) on Spotify, albums “Feed the Animals” & “Night Ripper” – combine rap & pop.  

    Also met these DJs a few years ago at a Mashup Conference in San Fran: http://bootiemashup.com/blog/  – can listen to their music free at the website.

    • Thanks Steve! Girl Talk is great! Him and Fedde Le Grand were here in Ann Arbor Wednesday (Girl Talk was at the Blind Pig, Fedde Le Grande was at The Necto). Unfortunately I had to pick one to go to so I only got to see Fedde Le Grand… 🙂

      Will def. check out the SF artists too!

      • Anonymous

        I’m a big Fedde Le Grand fan. I’m sure the crowd went nuts when he played “Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit”.

  • Awesome tracks Lance! Nero is a must along with “The XX”, “Blackmill”, “Flux Pavilion” and “The Glitch Mob”.