Google Chromecast – Google’s Sneaky Sneaky Trick

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Google Chromecast – Google’s Sneaky Sneaky Trick

Google recently announced the release of it’s newest hardware device, Google Chromecast. Positioned to compete against the likes of AppleTV, Roku, and Boxee the little device plugs into the back of your TV in the HDMI port, and then connects to a USB power source from either a wall or a USB port on your TV if your TV is new enough.

After a short setup the device can be controlled by any nearby iOS or Android device with the application, or by a Chrome browser on a laptop. Here’s the beauty though – the device actually pull’s data directly from the internet, not through whatever device is acting as it’s controller. Here i’ll let JR Raphael explain:

While stuff is playing, you can go about using your device as normal; you don’t have to leave the content-playing app open or give it another thought. With Android, you’ll see a persistent notification that has the “now playing” info along with controls to pause, progress, or stop playback. Other than that, your device is out of the picture once playback begins.

Now, if you have been paying attention this is exactly  what Google has been doing as part of it’s master plan to take over the world. If you haven’t been following AJ Kohn on Google+ you really should be, he is pretty brilliant. Start by heading over to his blog and read this, its worth the 5 minutes, i’ll wait.

Get people to use the Internet more.

Which makes this new Chromecast move brilliant. At $35 the device is an impulse buy, costing the same as a trip for two to the talkies, and if you were one of the lucky ones who were able to scoop up the device with 3-months of free netflix it practically paid for itself.

And here’s the brilliance, the device essentially forces you to second screen! The device is built so that you are candy crushing browsing the internet on your controller device, the entire time that you binge-watch Orange is the New Black.

Snaps, Google, snaps.